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Learning Witchcraft For Beginners

by Tanya Robbins

Witchcraft for beginners is something a lot of folks are interested in learning. I have a great interest in the mystics and the occult, so I study a lot of stuff that falls into those categories, and witchcraft is certainly one of them. Since learning witchcraft for beginners and paganism in general, I have experienced many things that really enrich my life, help me be grateful for everything, increase my level of joy, and enable me to enjoy life to the fullest.

Witchcraft For Beginners Made Simple

magic spellsHow about you? You were probably searching for "witchcraft for beginners" and found this page. Well, you certainly are not alone. Do you like magic? I bet you do! Who doesn't enjoy watching David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear or David Blaine do one of his crazy life defying stunts? Hey, I just noticed that they both have the same first name. Weird, huh? Anyway, the point is that most of us enjoy magic.

But do you know why we are so fascinated with this bizarre form of entertainment? Well, that's a no-brainer. It's basically because we have no idea how they do it, and that's intriguing. Our curious minds constantly want to know the unknown. Well, what about sorcery or witchcraft for beginners? If you're a religious fundamentalist, most likely you'll tell others to stay away from those things because they're evil, right? Yeah, stick your diatribe up your ass and leave us alone! I'm frickin' sick and tired of religious fanatics talking about how Harry Potter is evil and witchcraft is Satanic.

Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. I'm actually a nice girl. Well ok, naughty and nice! :) It's just that I don't appreciate people who are narrow minded and intolerant. If you read any literature on witchcraft for beginners, you'll probably know what I mean. Witches were persecuted throughout history because certain people believed they were all evil and that the Bible says they should be put to death. Many innocent women and children were tortured and killed as a result. So tell me, who were the evil ones?! Those misguided people actually need to learn witchcraft for beginners or at least do some research so that they become more enlightened and not so judgmental.

My little daughter loves Harry Potter. She has seen all the movies and read all the books, and she is so heart broken when some of her religious classmates tell her she should burn all her Harry Potter books, and have nothing to do with casting spells and sorcery, or God will be angry and cast her to hell. And yet they talk about a loving and merciful God? Get real, folks! Most people learning witchcraft for beginners or magick spells don't have bad intentions in mind. Besides, most practicing witches are good people. I happen to have a few friends who are witches and Wiccans, and they are the kindest and most loving folks.

Anyway, I thought I would give you a little background information before you start learning witchcraft for beginners. Witchcraft is not a religion since it believes that nature and even the gods and goddesses can be influenced by human spirit, as opposed to a religious belief in divine and supreme beings to which humans are rendered powerless. Most monotheistic religions associate witchcraft with Devil worship (which couldn't be farther from the truth, as witches don't believe in the Devil or Satan), leading to witch hunts and other forms of persecution and discrimination against witches even to this day, although they have gained wider acceptance in our time.

Some common practices you can learn in witchcraft for beginners include magick spell-casting, conducting seances, chanting mantras, astrology, as well as meditation and healing. A witch can be male or female. A male witch is called... a witch! :) Some don't like to be called wizard, sorcerer, or warlock since those are not accurate.

Although there are witches who practice black magic, like I said before, all witches are not bad people. That's why I strongly suggest you read a book or two on witchcraft for beginners to gain some basic knowledge even if that's as far as it goes. I mean you don't have to go on to become a full fledge witch unless of course, you want to :)

Learning how to do simple spells and accomplishing a sense of harmony in your everyday life can be a good thing. If it's what you desire, then go for it. Don't give a dam what others think. Heck, some people out there actually believe they're vampires. They literally attempt to live like creatures of the night and drink blood. Although that sounds strange to me, I still won't judge them. So if you thought your interest in learning witchcraft for beginners was odd, think again.

Witchcraft for beginners image Go to your local library or bookstore and find some good books on witchcraft for beginners. Or, you can always search online for "witchcraft for beginners" or "beginner witchcraft." There's tons of information available on just about any subject you can find. Here's a few great resources that I recommend:

The Journey to Traditional Witchcraft
An invitation to discover Traditional Witchcraft and become part of the inner world of the traditional magical arts. Taught by a real Traditional Witch. Click here now!

Witchcraft Secret Manual
A sacred book of spells and incantations. Learn white magic that will help you attract love, money, health and more. Click here now!

To learn individual spells click here now!

Click here for even more Witchcraft resources

Have fun learning witchcraft for beginners. Who knows, you may even become a real witch some day :)

Blessed Be

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About the author: Tanya writes for Mysteries and Mystics. She is a fun loving, free spirited single mom who has a keen interest in the mystics, the supernatural, and the occult. She and her little daughter love life and celebrate it every day.